PCB Library Expert

PCB Libraries. SAVES UP TO 90% TIME ON NEW PARTS & 99.9% ON REBUILDING ENTIRE LIBRARIES!.  Download PCB Libraries and test it for free!

Dynamic, Hi-Res Libraries

Easily reconstruct your entire PCB library with totally different rules in seconds! Our “High-Resolution” 10µm technology lets you maintain high accuracy and flexibility.

Multiple CAD Formats

Build consistent quality, eliminate redundant work, and avoid costs of migrating libraries – build it all in ONE tool regardless the format!


Upgrade Entire Library

Migrate to an IPC-compliant library
Over 3,200 unique component packages
Transition from Inch to Metric
Easily apply consistency to libraries
  - People with various skills created library
  - Different rules used over time
  - Library developed over many years
CAD Library quality must be improved


  • Modify any of hundreds of leaning & rebuild entire library in seconds
  • Units (Mils, Micrometers, Inches and Millimeters)
  • Pad Shape (Rectangle or Rounded, Oblong, D-Shape)
  • Rotation (Pin 1 Up, Left, Right or Down)
  • Origin (Centric or Pin 1)
  • Environment Level (Least, Nominal, Most, User)
  • Silkscreen Line Width and Pad to Silkscreen Gap
  • Minimum Pad to Pad Gap or Pad to Thermal Pad Gap
  • Paste Mask Reduction for Thermal Pads
  • Solder Mask Swell or Solder Mask Defined Pads
  • Map Silkscreen & Assembly Outlines to Nominal/Max Component


Central repository of PCB library data
Easily manage all library data, created by different people with different skills and tendencies, in a central location on your network. All have easy access to browse, search, and quality control the data files with the FREE Footprint Expert.


Minimize cost of manufacture
By creating high quality designs the first time, you reduce the work and costs associated with design re-spins.

Monetary Benefits

A solution that pays for itself, often after 2 or 3 projects!
PCB Footprint Expert creates PCB library parts in a fraction of the time compared with manual editing. There are many elements that go into the creation of a high quality library part and the PCB Footprint Expert auto-calculates and generates everything down to the finest details.


Quickly become an expert at PCB libraries
Regardless your skill level, with PCB Libraries backing you up, you create high-quality PCB libraries that look like were created by professionals with decades of experience. Well, in a sense – they were!

Micro/Macro Focus

Establish specific library parameters across division
Regardless your management requirements, you can easily establish and adjust constraints on rules and preferences so everybody builds consistent quality parts that look like were created by a single professional designer.


Migrate libraries to a different CAD format much faster
The PCB Footprint Expert interfaces with popular CAD tools. Need your libraries in a different CAD format? Open the “master” library in the Footprint Expert and export!


Accurate library data at your fingertips
Add new component package and logic data to your database in a snap! Sort data by any attribute field – predefined or custom-made! Or just leave the data organized in one of dozens of component families.


Max-out both quality and efficiency
If you dare, the Footprint Expert promises to help you maximize both. That’s right – you don’t have to increase one at the cost of the other.

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